Common dating site abbreviations

03-Jul-2020 02:16

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Another reason why you should flirt with her more in real life is because it's a lot more fun and effective.

Make Sure Your Humor Is Appropriate Your humor can easily by misconstrued in a text message.

If she gets an overly sexual text from you completely out of the blue, she might be weirded out by it.

Most girls will know what you're talking about, but if you use too many abbreviations, there will be a few girls who will not understand what you're trying to say.

Another tip about timing is that you should avoid sending her a flirty text when she's out with her friends.

She might be too busy or distracted to give you a decent response.

This obviously is because text messages consist only of text.

To avoid offending or hurting her, make sure your humor is clear and unambiguous.

If you're interested in learning how to flirt using text messages, read this article and learn some helpful tips.