Christian youth lesson on dating

04-Aug-2020 21:42

All the while, the rest of the Scriptures are neglected and replaced by numerous teachings about dating and sexual purity. Unfortunately, all of these so-called purity messages that are given end up confusing and hurting many students.

Those who have had sex or watched pornography feel as though they have been permanently defiled; to the rest of the church, they have the equivalent status of a leper. Everybody has the opportunity to be born-again by what Jesus did on the cross—and that means everybody has the opportunity to become pure-again.

In their minds, not wearing a bikini means they will be pure.

Or, having software on the computer will make pornography vanish.

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The Youth Pastor(s) taught purity accurately, showing that Jesus is the One who makes us pure, yet a great many of the students (including myself) didn’t fully grasp what that meant.

We live in a world that gives us all kinds of messages about what true love is.

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