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In 1977, she was bestowed the Ramon Magsaysay Award for outstanding public service.Water-Powered Car For more than three decades now, Daniel Dingel has been claiming that his car can run with water as fuel.The officials of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) have dismissed Dingel's water-powered car as a hoax.In return, Dingel accused them of conspiring with oil producing countries.The fluorescent lamp reportedly got its name from Flores.Written articles about Flores said he was born in Bantayan Island in Cebu.More Trivia Karaoke Inventor Roberto del Rosario, a Filipino is claiming the right for the invention of the Sing-Along-System (SAS) that eventually led to the development of Karaoke, a Japanese term for "singing without accompaniment".Among del Rosario's other inventions were the Trebel Voice Color Code (VCC), the piano tuner's guide, the piano keyboard stressing device, the voice color tape, and the one-man-band (OMB).

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Dingel built a car reactor that uses electricity from a 12-volt car battery to split the ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen components.Del Mundo, an International Pediatric Association (IPA) awardee, is an alumna of the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Medicine.Since 1941, she has contributed more than 100 articles to medical journals in the U. In 1966, she received the Elizabeth Blackwell Award, for her "outstanding service to mankind".Yet, he was not officially recognized as the inventor of fluorescent lamp.

It was reported that the General Electric and Westinghouse obtained Claude's patent rights and developed the fluorescent lamp that we know today.

Dingel, however, was the not the only man on earth who is testing water as an alternative fuel.