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) as the geography, the overwhelming number of attractive people, and just the overall...

Here’s why: Denver is home to many a fine 'hood, each with its unique set of local inhabitants.

MP3, on the other hand, is raring to go, and runs off to send his resignation letter to Joe command through the little portal.

Fulcrum has other ideas; the big-chinned 'Con hates humans, and quickly blasts off, leaving MP3 desperately trying to reach through the portal to get his letter back!

Familiar with the alien race's evil ways, Krok is immediately untrusting, but the Wraith—who is indeed "CONS4EVA," and who unknowingly took Thunderwing's form because Crankcase talks about him a lot—explains that he does not share his species' taste for conquest and consumption, and hopes that Crankcase can help him perform "The Crossover"—a ceremony from Temptorian religion expressing ultimate loyalty to the Temptorian deity known as "The Brand," which opens a portal that leads the way to a new life.Realizing that the sword is Grimlock's, left on Earth before the Dinobot leader was taken to Garrus-9, Misfire is thrilled that Grimlock has displayed a real memory, having feared that he was lost for good when he ran off."Never so happy to lose a bet with myself," Misfire grins... Joe has survived the experienced by using the casing of his souvenir pen as a breathing tube!We invite you to be part of our unique community, where connection, belonging, and personal transformation happen naturally as you step in with your commitment to (re)discover and express your real self.

THE UNIQUE DESIGN OF THIS WORKSHOP IS APPROPRIATE FOR YOU . A systematic workbook is provided for your use during and after the workshop.

Sure, we didn't get what we asked, but I think it might be The Brand's way of telling us to make the most of this life.