Best dating joke ever

10-Jan-2021 21:30

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Unfortunately for his carpet, it takes Larry so long to find the club soda and salt that it’s too late for their cleaning magic to work.

Having a male brain, Larry naively tries to resume marital relations with Cheryl, who will have none of it. Unfortunately for me—and others of the male ilk—I understand Larry. But a stain appearing the day you learned about a stain-removing technique?

Jerry’s still thinking about his beloved shirt and unhelpfully asks, “You want to borrow Golden Boy? This is an amazing bit because it epitomizes an aspect of the male mental state that Jerry and Larry are so tuned into: attention on the wrong thing. Elaine—one of Jerry’s best friends—is understandably absorbed by a major event in her career, but that can’t penetrate the male mind. Because Jerry is also absorbed—with love for a T-shirt.

” And that’s it for the bit—except for a brief mention at the end of the episode that Golden Boy has finally perished. This stupid, childish love is all he can think about. A lot of comedy misses the mark when it comes to the male mind.

The only question is what to call it: Acute Larry Davidism, Congenital Seinfeld Disorder, or just “Men!

” Some would say this attention problem is universal to humanity and not just a dude’s problem. I’m sure the female mind drifts into some odd, inappropriate ditches at times, but for the male mind, the road is always icy and the brakes are never working.

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Go to sleep and wake up the next day.’ ‘Oh, my God,’ says Sid. In the first room, people are standing in dirt up to their necks. People are standing with dirt up to their knees, drinking coffee and eating pastries. ’Two campers are walking through the woods when a huge brown bear suddenly appears in the clearing about 50 feet in front of them.Early in the episode, while Elaine is trying to focus on a work-related phone call, Jerry can’t stop talking about his favorite T-shirt.The “conversation” is ridiculous: Even after Elaine tells Jerry about her upcoming meeting with a famous Russian novelist, he can’t get off the subject.But the real male brain is a little more peculiar than the stereotypical male mind.

Real men—in the sense of actual men, not macho men—aren’t drawn to sleaze and silliness alone. For example, during the season when Larry was opening a restaurant, someone showed him a way of removing a stain, using only club soda and salt.That might never happen again, and it takes priority. There are many other examples sprinkled throughout , such as George yammering about the beauty of his parking space while ignoring the miracle of birth, Larry ranting about his Ti Vo while Cheryl’s plane might be crashing, Larry obsessing over a dead man’s shirt at the expense of the widow’s feelings, Larry screwing up a reunion with Cheryl over another stain (on a coffee table this time), plus just about every dating disaster on both shows.

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