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The process falls "severely short of fair trial standards," said Sarah Belal from Justice Project Pakistan, which has filed a case in Pakistan on behalf of some of the families.

The US government says detention is necessary to stop released prisoners from returning to the battlefield. "Detention in wartime has long been recognized as legitimate under international law.

He said he spent the next six months being beaten by interrogators every few days. Local Pakistani security services are now frequent callers at his parents' house.

Sometimes he was shackled to a chair, other times hung from the ceiling by his ankles. It was just -- is it going to be for one month or for six months? "They asked me stupid questions, like 'where is Osama bin Laden? Neighbors shun him; no one wants trouble with the intelligence services.

More than 2,500 juveniles have been detained in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo Bay by the United States since 2001, according to a UN report.

Most, like Khan, are now free, but many are struggling to rebuild their shattered lives. I spent my youth behind bars," he said, adding that he and other young detainees were beaten repeatedly during the first few months of their detention.

He said he can no longer concentrate for more than a few minutes. We are not really close any more," said Khan, who wants to marry but fears no woman will have him.

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Shah also said he was eventually freed after he learnt enough English to speak directly to his US interrogators and convince them he was telling the truth. I lost everything," said Shah, who had three years until his high school graduation when he was detained.Khan said he was told for more than two years that the military review boards were willing to let him go but were waiting for a response from the Pakistani government.The Pakistani government said they always responded promptly to requests from the United States.US authorities say they are aware of only one juvenile prisoner, aged 17, and no child prisoners.

Some prisoners, like Hamidullah Khan, were arrested as children and have grown up behind bars.

A portrait of US military prison Bagram detainee Hamidullah Khan when he was 14-year-old hangs on a wall in his family home in Karachi June 26.