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Insurers that were especially profitable, for their part, would have to return to HHS some of the money they earned on the exchanges" the program as a 'bailout' for insurers. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), on the Appropriations Committee that funds the Department of Health and Human Services and the Labor Department "[slipped] in a sentence"—Section 227—in the "massive" appropriations Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014 (H. 3547) that said that no funds in the discretionary spending bill "could be used for risk-corridor payments." On February 10, 2017, in the Moda Health v the US Government, Moda, one of the insurers that struggled financially because of the elimination of the risk corridor program, won a "4-million judgment against the federal government". Wheeler stated, "the Government made a promise in the risk corridors program that it has yet to fulfill.

In such a situation, insurers would have to raise their premiums to cover the relatively sicker and thus more expensive policies, The purpose of the mandate was to prevent the healthcare system from succumbing to adverse selection, which would result in high premiums for the insured and little coverage (and thus more illness and medical bankruptcy) for the uninsured.The threshold amount is 0,000 for a married couple filing jointly (threshold applies to joint compensation of the two spouses), or 5,000 for a married person filing separately.In the ACA's companion legislation, the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, an additional Medicare tax of 3.8% was applied to unearned income, specifically the lesser of net investment income or the amount by which adjusted gross income exceeds 0,000 (0,000 for a married couple filing jointly; 5,000 for a married person filing separately.) Excise taxes for the Affordable Care Act raised .3 billion in fiscal year 2015 (17% of all excise taxes collected by the Federal Government).Established the creation of health insurance exchanges in all fifty states.

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The exchanges are regulated, largely online marketplaces, administered by either federal or state government, where individuals and small business can purchase private insurance plans.For example, states approve plans for sale, and influence (through limits on and negotiations with private insurers) the prices on offer.