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14-Feb-2020 08:41

Burgess and Galloway, her season 20 partner, recently reunited onstage during this year's It's always incredible seeing my @noahgallowayathlete .

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Let's kill it, let's leave it all on the floor and hopefully get to do it all one more time next week."We're very proud of what they're doing on the road. I can't wait to see it myself.""I've been stalking them on You Tube and Instagram to try and see it, but knowing that part of our fam is out there crushing it and doing something great I think is really special," she continued. ET) on the official website, which you can view HERE."It's only going to be voting during the East Coast airing time," Burgess explained, reiterating how important it is for fans to vote in real time."I think it gives a great opportunity for other people that haven't gotten the chance to shine in that light to get an opportunity."Still, going into the all-new season, the mirrorball is on Burgess' mind! ET) on the official Burgess also told ET that #Team Back That Pass Up is dancing last during the premiere, and is counting on fans to help them avoid elimination. Dancing With the Stars: Athletes 'Dancing With the Stars': ET Will Be Liveblogging the Premiere Tonight!"To be honest, I've gained so much over the seven years I've been with the show, and there's been so many times when I've come close to it, but walked away with a best friend in the process too, so there's so many more things that you win other than mirrorballs," she shared. "#Team Back That Pass Up is dancing last during the premiere, and is counting on fans to help them avoid elimination. Two couples will be going home Monday night, based on votes from both the judges and live viewers.

"It doesn't mean you're not chasing them or I don't want one, but I'm so blessed with my time that I have had on the show -- I don't look at it like a loss and not having one. Two couples will be going home  Monday night, based on votes from both the judges and live viewers.

She keeps in touch with all three, still texting and catching up on Face Time calls occasionally.

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