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23-Mar-2020 04:30

The 1940s brought us into The Golden Age of Hollywood-with such famous young Starlets or “Pin up Girls” as Jayne Russell, Ava Gardner, Veronica Lake and Betty Grabel.

These and other famous ladies of the period introduced a much softer, more romantic look to the finger waves that had already been around for many decades.

“I Dream of Jeannie” featuring Barbara Eden made a full ponytail coupled with a very definite bang popular.

Ponytails have returned along with Braids for 2014; however, they are much more creative and interesting than they once were.

You and your Favorite Hairdresser are free to take as many elements available to you as you would like and mix and match only those elements that you love and that compliment your features the most and really create a Style that is yours and yours alone.

2014 long hair trends: Vintage Styles will Dominate 2014 are very wide in range.

Along with waving, that decade introduced “The Victory Roll” which was seen quite often in the up dos of the era.

All in all, the Hollywood Starlet of the 40s was a very Beautiful Woman, and her style spoke of elegance, sophistication and grace.

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The 60 s brought us “The Bouffant”, which was a very full often rigid “done” look; “The French Twist” had been around for many years and the 1960 s were no exception; however it became very popular during this decade.It will also be seen in its traditional form, however it will not be as stiff and will be seen quite often coupled with a French Twist for a classy, chic look.Another couple of basic style choices that we will see a great deal in the new season are the Bang and the Side Part.Society and it’s ”just so” ideas of what a woman should look like changed, as it had not seen for several decades- as Cyndi Lauper hit the Pop scene with her wild persona, strange hairstyles and makeup and her rainbow hair color.

One thing was for sure though, she had what it took to “pull off” being that bold and get away with it.that do a wonderful job making the most architectural cuts and styles really stand out!