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Stephen Spaulding, a 1977 West Point graduate and retired Army Major who served in the Army Medical Corps from 1981 to 1992.He noted that his wife was also an Army doctor, as is their daughter.“For many years the manufacturers and distributors of opioid pain medications have earned billions of dollars in profits flooding this Country with opioids,” said Napoli Shkolnik attorney Joseph L. “These lawsuits seek to force those companies to help clean up the devastation caused by these pills.” “These drug companies have poisoned our communities and polluted our children,” said Paul Napoli, counsel for Napoli Shkolnik.

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That’s Memorial Day’s meaning to me.” The keynote speaker at the ceremony held at the Veterans Memorial Park was Dr.

The ceremonial 21-gun salute occurred at the Montour Falls, Naval Monument and Veterans Memorial Park ceremonies. The color guard enters Shequagah Falls Park for the Montour Falls ceremony.