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Yeah, it is, so that's when I go walk the halls and see children it kind of reminds me of why I came into this business in the first place.Despite her relating to the children as people instead of numbers, Barrett admits, "There's a lot of work to be done but I can't forget we're talking about people and we're talking about a community." The new leader at East High hopes to take a broader approach to education than just East High and Maxine Smith STEAM Academy.Barrett was principal at the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy (STEAM is STEM with arts included), a middle school at what was once known as Fairview Junior High.Although she will be the top administrator at East High, her executive principal role also leaves her as the top administrator at Maxine Smith.And while the data is scary, while the numbers, we could talk about the graduation rate, the literacy and the math, that doesn't tell the picture," according to Barrett.

" I believe reaching to the middle schools that should feed East.

The graduation rate was cited at 76.1%, a seven point increase from the 2014-2015 rate.

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